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  • Fear, Government, and Freedom

    Approaching the fear of a quantifiable threat while pursuing life, liberty and happiness. 

    COVID-19 is real and social distancing is the right idea, authoritarianism is not.

    We, as a society, need to slow down, reflect and understand the harm we are creating which can, and will, be just as bad for society as a whole. This may ruffle feathers and hurt some feelings, but it hits at the core of the unintended consequence of government force. It is for this exact moment in time that I, and millions of liberty minded individuals across the country, are constantly relentless about even the smallest of human rights infringements.

    Right now there are large bands of people calling to the “authorities” about their neighbors continuing their normal lives begging, “Arrest them!” We have elected officials telling the citizenry to, “call the cops” on their neighbors. We have normal skeptics of big government clamoring on about, “the governor said we’ve been ordered” so we must. We even have police breaking social distancing guidelines to hand out tickets and make arrests of otherwise peacefully assembled, nonviolent, people. As an example: A man in California, all alone, with not a single human soul around, who could not possibly have been endangering anybody, paddleboarding in the ocean and then suddenly surrounded by, some not so socially distant, police. He was subsequently brought to a not so socially distant jail and most likely processed in a not so socially distant manner. He is now facing criminal charges and could potentially have his life ruined, yet has not harmed a single soul, let alone society. It is at this moment that it must be made clear these bands of society are not acting much different from past societies.

    Understand that as I write this, my daughter and I are medically separated from her mother, my wife, for God knows how long. This is due to my wife, her mother and her brother battling the virus at the same local hospital using her mother’s home as their base, and quarantine center. I understand the severity of the virus and we are taking the appropriate, though mildly inconvenient, actions. None of the above justifies the use of government force and violence against our otherwise peaceful neighbors for any reason. 

  • Help With Homeschooling

    New to Homeschooling? Libertarians are Here to Help!

    Given the difficulties associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic, New Jersey parents have been unexpectedly thrust into the role of homeschool teachers. While this is a daunting, if not terrifying prospect for many parents we at the New Jersey Libertarian Party want to provide you with information and tips for how to make it through the next few months. The Libertarian Party and all of its state affiliates have championed alternative school methods, like home schooling, since the founding of our movement.  We’ve learned a few things along the way while supporting alternative schooling and are offering our assistance to our fellow New Jersians as our state navigates this shift to schooling from home.

    What we have done is looked for some tips from those of us who have actually experienced Home Schooling firsthand. We also collected useful tips for you from folks who successfully homeschool, and dug up various online resources to aid you. We also contacted Liam Lieberman, an independent business owner, film instructor and FEE alumni. Liam grew up in a homeschool environment and was able to give some suggestions to parents who are now dealing with this transition. Hopefully these resources prove useful.