New Jersey Libertarian Party

The Party of Principle

Winter 2012/2013 NJ LIbertarian Popular

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NJLP Convention
Bob Steiner Passes
School Choice Week Celebrated
December 2012 Minutes
NJ Weedman Arrested
DOT Releases Red Light Report
Mayor Flashes Badge
NJLP Job Openings
Supreme Court Guts 4th Amendment
Letters to the Editor

Fall 2012 NJ Libertarian - 40th Anniversary Edition Popular

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Chair's Message
Birthplace of the NJLP
Libertarian Party Dates In History
Minutes of September Board Meeting
Report: NJ Pays Millions in Sex Harassment Cases
Taxpayer Earnings Detoured
National Debt Hits $16 Trillion
The Myth of the “Job Creation”
Russell Means: A Look at his Life
What’s a Freedom Fighter?
Mark Richards Takes a Stance for Liberty
From Reason to Freedom
New Jersey Ballot Question Recommendations
Super Storm Underscores Danger of Encouraging People to Live in Harm’s Way
Liberty on the Rocks Launched
NJLP Membership Drive
General Meeting Announcement

Summer 2012 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Wrightstown Mayor, Wife Exonerated
AG Contacts NJLP
Occupy the Hood
McKnight for Congress
NJLP Convention Notes
Upper Freehold OPRA Complaint
Nullify Obamacare in NJ
Clinton Township OPRA Complaint
Someday Never Comes
NJLP Annual Picnic Information

January - February 2012 NJ Libertarian Popular

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NJLP State Convention
Volunteers and Activists Needed
Asking the Wrong Questions
Marijuana Decrim Bill Reintroduced
Public Financing Elections Violates Free Speech
December Steering Committee Meeting
Egg Harbor Exonerates Cop
NJLP Requests Late Tax Penalty Reduction
Why I am A Libertarian
NJ Juries: 20 Years Ago
Audits Need Closer Look
Nullify Now Philadelphia Update
Ken Del Vecchio for U.S. Senate
Convention Registration Form

July - October 2011 NJ Libertarian Popular

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NJLP General Meeting Announcement
Libertarian National Convention Planned
NJLP Endorses Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana
NJLP Returns to Warped Tour
September Steering Committee Meeting
Nullify Now Philadelphia
Alloway Repeals Loitering Law
Serving as an Appointed Official
Do 2 OPRA Requests Constitute Harassment?
NJLP Rulemaking Petition Published
Woodcliff Lake Order
Bill Still Announces Presidential Run
Activist and Assembly Candidate Arrested
From the Archives

October Libertarian Review Popular

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Published by the Drew Libertarians

Invisible Hand Fall 2011 Popular

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Published by the Rutgers Libertarians

The Invisible Hand - Spring 2011 Popular

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Published by the Rutgers Libertarians

April - June 2011 NJ Libertarian Popular

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NJLP Meeting And Picnic
Candidates File For Office
NJLP Returns to Warped Tour
Maplewood Enforces Repealed Ordinance
Kevin's View on the Liberty Movement
Atlas Shrugged: Part 1
Egg Harbor Township Complaint
Fight of the Century
Brick Township Repeals Loitering Ordinance
Convention Business Meeting Minutes
NJ Medical Marijuana Expo
Directions to NJLP Picnic

January - February 2011 NJ Libertarian Popular

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NJLP Convention Details
Organizing Your County
NJLP Member Appointed to Office
Bylaws Change Proposals
Fully Informed Juries
December Board Meeting Notes
Convention Registration Form

November - December 2010 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Brian Aitken is Free!
Camden Loitering Demonstration
November General Meeting Minutes
WikiLeaks and Open Government
TSA Scanner Demonstrations
Seaside Civil Settlement
Fair Tax or Not Fair Tax
Mark Hinkle on Julian Assange

October 2010 NJ Libertarian Popular

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News from the Siano Campaign
Ginny Passes On
NJLP Steering Committee Notes
Cost of Drug Prohibition
Loitering Ordinances
Rowan and Alcohol Education
Liberty On Tour
Proposed By-Laws Change
Loitering With Intent
College Libertarians Organizing

June 2010 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Candidates File For Office 
Common Sense Radio
In Memory of Austin Lett
NJLP Picnic
Julian Heicklen Released
Steering Committee Minutes
National Convention Report
Save Ginny
Proposed By-Laws Changes

March - May 2010 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Convention Highlights
Candidates for LNC Chair
Common Sense Radio Launched
Convention Minutes
Force Versus Persuasion in Health Care
Recall Your Elected Officials
Loitering Repeal Project

September - October 2009 NJ Libertarian Popular

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FIJA Demonstration
NJ War on Legal Gun Owners
NJLP Radio Show
South Jersey Libertarians Meet
Kaplan Hall Institute Virtual Debate
Future Meetings and Events (including 12/6 General Meeting)

July - August 2009 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Kaplan at Rutgers Fair
Paff for Lieutenant Governor
South Jersey Libertarians Meet
Warped Tour Outreach Report
Movie Review: The Cartel
Book Reviews
Members write to Newspapers
Don is Free!
John Paff is Busy
Short Story: The Letter
Campaign For Liberty Conference
Open Government Symposium
NJLP Meeting Reports
Freedom Conference 2009

April - June 2009 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Kaplan for Governor
Petitioners’ Honor Roll
Kaplan at NJ LGBT Rally
State Convention Report
Happy Earth Day!
Fred Stein Songs
John Paff’s Dilemma/Members Reply
Members Write to Newspapers
Warped Tour Booth
Billy Ver Planck Tribute
Annual Picnic Info
NJ Medical Marijuana Bill

January - March 2009 NJ Libertarian Popular

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2009 NJLP Convention
Chair's Report
Letters to the NJL Editor
Bylaws Changes Proposed
Members Write to Newspapers
Convention Registration Form

November-December 2008 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Campaign Update
NJLP Meets in Westville
Wayne Allyn Root, The Road Ahead
Letters to the NJL Editor
Ken Pickets His Synagogue
NJLP and John Paff are Busy
Members Write to Newspapers

August-October 2008 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Honor Roll for Petitioners for Barr/Root
NJLP/Scheurer Campaign Update and Rally
NJLP Takes on the State—Twice!
John Paff’s Other Battles
Members Write to Newspapers
Last Chance to Contribute!