New Jersey Libertarian Party

The Party of Principle

2020 NJ Libertarian Candidates

In the November 2020 election the NJ Libertarian Party will be running candidates under the Libertarian Party banner. The following candidates have been nominated to run for office under the Libertarian banner.

  • US House District 4 - Mike Rufo
  • US House District 7 - Kevin McCormick
  • US House District 8 - Dan Delaney
  • US House District 11 - Jeff Hetrick
  • Ocean County Freeholder - Dan Valentine
  • Matt Kaliss - Barrington Town Council
  • Somerset County Surrogate - Gregg Mele
  • Vineland Town Council - Joe Harris (pending verification)

Petitions are available for download here. More candidates are in the works. Good luck to all! Please provide whatever support you can to our candidates! Federal candidates can be supported via our Federal Fund, other candidates can be supported via our State Fund.

If you are interested in joining our candidates on the ballot contact the state board and fill out a questionnaire.

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